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International Conference MPDE'15

Models in Population Dynamics and Ecology

E3 - Briging Together Ecology, Epidemiology and Evolution



Universidade Federal Fluminense

24th – 28th August 2015



This is 9th annual conference in the MPDE series following very sucessfull previous meetings such as MPDE'10 (Leicester), MATE'11 (Colchester), MPDE'12 (Santa Maria), MPDE'13 (Osnabrück) and MPDE'14 (Torino). MPDE'15 will have a special focus on the interplay between ecology, epidemiology and evolution. MPDE'15 is also expected to address similarities between the modelling techniques traditionally applied in ecology and those used in other life sciences with the purpose to enhance interdisciplinary approaches and to stimulate further advances in mathematical ecology and population dynamics.





Population dynamics and ecological complexity Epidemiology and eco-epidemiology
Individual animal movement and dispersal Evolutionary ecology and evolution
Biological invasions and spread of epidemics Collective dynamics and ecological pattern formation





Plenary Speakers

 Scientific Committee
Ottar Bjornstad (Penn State, USA) Edward Codling (Colchester, GBR)
Stephen Cantrell (Miami, USA) Alan Hastings (Davis, USA) 
Marie Doumic-Jauffret (INRIA, France) Horst Malchow (Osnabrück, Germany) 
Vincent Jansen (Royal Holloway, UK) Andrew Morozov (Leicester, GBR) 
Johan van de Koppel (NIOZ, The Netherlands) Jean-Christophe Poggiale (Marseille, FRA)
Eduardo Massad (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Luiz Rodrigues (Santa Maria, BRA) 
Ran Nathan (Jerusalem, Israel) Jorge Zubelli (Rio de Janeiro, BRA)
Gauthier Sallet (INRIA, France)  
Jonathan Sherratt (Edinburgh, UK)  
Claudio Struchiner (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)  
Ezio Venturino (Turin, Italy)  




Organisers: Max Souza (Niteroi, Brazil) and Sergei Petrovskii (Leicester, UK)



Website: Email:  O endereço de e-mail address está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa ativar o JavaScript enabled para vê-lo.






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